Program Information

Instructor Program/1000

While you may not initially enter the field of cosmetology, you may be interested in teaching other to be stylists and nail techs. Many experienced cosmetologists enjoy the challenge, reward and benefits of teaching future professionals. Instructors often receive health care, insurance, and other benefits that a salon employee may not receive. Our school offers Instructor training which prepares our Instructor student to:

  • Develop lesson plans
  • Learn to lead a Classroom of Students
  • Instruct students and Identify Strengths/weaknesses in their students
  • Prepare future cosmetologists for beauty careers

Becoming an Instructor is a rewarding position which allows you to help future professionals such as your self learn more about the beauty industry and help students identify their strengths in cosmetology to prepare them for a successful career.

Nail Technology Program/400

Our nail technology students are taught the latest techniques in the industry. Areas of study include manicure and pedicure spa treatment, electric filing, retail management, individual client analysis, theoretical and practiced knowledge of acrylic and gel nails, nylon wraps, and insight into nail and skin disorders.The objective is to educate students by lecture, demonstration and hands-on experiences for employment in the Nail Technology segment of the beauty industry.

Cosmetology Program/2100

Today’s cosmetologist must possess a wide range of skills to meet the needs of today’s beauty salon. Cosmetology offers many channels for personal growth, with limitless career paths from which to choose. Students receive skills necessary for gaining and maintaining employment in today’s beauty industry. Instruction is provided in design hair cutting, styling, hair coloring, skin care, facials, makeup application, massage, permanent waving, all forms of nail tips, manicuring and artificial restructuring.

Hands on Training

Desareé & Company School of Beauty provides a unique learning environment offering licensure training for:

  • Cosmetology
  • Nail Technology
  • Instructing
  • Electric File Certification

We give you all the knowledge and hands-on experience you need to create great styles and form strong relationships. The objective is to connect you to the insights, experiences, and technical and creative know how. The classes are no more then 10 students or less to ensure that each student gets the individual attention they deserve.